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Local & Traditional Delicacies

Inspired by delicious ancient recipes from around the world, our baked goods are delicately prepared with local ingredients. Giving you the opportunity to taste authentic foods from different regions, at the comfort and cleanliness of your own home, Pek Food bakery products offer you the perfect combination of taste and quality!

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Best Quality Ingredients

The ingredients we use while preparing our baked goods are truly important to us. As Pek Food we take great pride in our transparency, while intricately choosing each and every ingredient that goes into our products. We have been working with the same trusted suppliers for years, ensuring the safety and quality of our baked goods. Plus, we’re able to provide you with top-quality meat products, since we’re the sole frozen food company who owns their own slaughterhouse.

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Nutritional Value

Freezing is a totally healthy way to preserve perishable foods. Through shock freezing, we are able to stop enzyme activity that causes food to decay. What we do, is simply freeze fresh, simple ingredients without using any artificial preservatives and unnatural additives, while preserving full nutritional value.

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Hygienic Production

Our baked goods are prepared with a zero-touch policy, while our facility is regularly disinfected, and our staff strictly maintains personal hygiene regulations. We have reduced our waste hoping that we’ll have a better impact on the natural environment. Our main concerns are sustainability for our planet and your health.

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